WIWAG at Atupri - leadership training

Individual concept with in-depth topics

The leadership training in 2014 was individually designed by ECO CHALLENGE for Atupri health insurance. With in-depth topics, key subjects were deliberately set. Within a short time, the management experienced how to deal with target conflicts and their consequences. This allowed an in-depth reflection. The participants got a better understanding of business issues and interrelationships. Practical, alive - and without risks.

During four simulated fiscal years, the management teams have delivered an intense competition for sales and market share in the market for capsule coffee machines. Five companies were trying to move their company forward with superior strategies and ambitions. After each round, the management teams received information about the company's development from the WIWAG-business-report. At the end of the seminar, the General Assembly was held where the management teams gave informations about the achieved / not achieved targets to the shareholders and the media.

"I have a better understanding of corporate governance and related contexts now. It was exciting to detect solutions as a team and always keep an eye on the consensus of the management team."

Seminar participant
Atupri health insurance, Bern

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