ECO CHALLENGE - The centre of excellence for computer- and web-based business simulations

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ECO CHALLENGE stands for the concept "act - understand - experience". In cooperation with the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, we develop computer-based business simulations since 40 years. We are experts in practical and living trainings in companies, administrations, universities / colleges, training institutions and other organisations.

Numerous small and big-sized organisations use WIWAG®EcoStartup® and Ecoland® successfully in staff and management development. In addition to these business simulations, we develop other solutions, such as INSURMAN. If proven business simulations do not comply with your requirements, we create a perfect fit according to your specific needs.

Our team consists of experienced course faciliators, developers and a competent customer service. We successfuly give our pioneering spirit, our experiences and our knowledge to the youth, to our apprentices.

The speciality of ECO CHALLENGE: Developers and cours faciliators work together closely and integrate feedback of customers and seminar participants into the further developments. The long-standing years of experience and enthusiasm for the continuous optimization are part of our business simulations and services.