Seminars by using business simulations

Working together for success: Our seminars don't just open up economic aspects, they also encourage targeted teamwork.

We will work together with you to evaluate your requirements and to set the goals. Everything else is carried out by us: from seminar preparation to holding the seminar and finally to assessment.

There are several ways to arrange a successful business simulation seminar. Depending on the topic, scope and objectives of the seminar, you can choose between different methods of practice:

  • Classroom method
    The classic course format. In the classroom based seminar, course leaders and participants come toghether at the same time in a certain place.
  • Blended Learning
    This format is a combination of the classroom method and e-learning. E-learning is used to prepare the participants for the simulation and to build up the necessary basic knowledge.
  • Train the Trainer
    Would you like to run the seminar yourself? In our Train the Trainer course, we train you to be a successful course facilitator.

Which is the appropriate format for you?