Business simulation INSURMAN - Economic aspects shown by the example of managing an insurance company

In INSURMAN, you and your management team take over an medium-sized insurance company. Various different competitors battle for the favour of customers in private and company business. You develop the strategy and your goal is to gain market shares by making good decisions. Tempting factors are a move abroad and new services. Will you make the right decisions?

INSURMAN, like our other product ECOMAN, is a business management teaching concept. With INSURMAN four different simulation levels can be selected, meaning that more complicated aspects can be represented.

Learning content

  • Development and implementation of a company's strategy
  • Premium politics for products and customer segments
  • Introduction and management of various sales channels (for example online business)
  • Management of the sales force
  • Remuneration and commission strategy
  • Hiring, dismissal and training development
  • Risk selection
  • Asset management
  • Targeted use of marketing tools
  • Management of claims reserve
  • Reinsurance politics
  • Income statement and balance sheet with technical provisions
  • Segment accounting
  • Work with key figures (for example BOP, ROE, cash flow, solvency)
  • Investing activities (for example IT)
  • Capital adequacy and dividend policy

Your benefit

INSURMAN enables the participants to:

  • discover basic aspects of company management with the help of a holistic model
  • take actual decisions from various management areas of a company.
  • gain fundamental insights into the comprehensive economic process
  • comprehend company development due to introducing a new product or entering a new market.
  • work together in groups or as a team in a targeted manner.

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The model consists of three to six competing insurance companies, who offer insurance policies in the accident, liability and life insurance sectors for one or two customer segments within the country or abroad:

Target groups


  • All employees who are to be promoted in recognizing economic contexts within an insurance company
  • Managers at all levels of management
  • Management trainees and trainees
  • External and internal service employees


Universities/universities of applied sciences

  • Promoting the understanding of students of organizational context in an insurance company
  • Use in insurance-related majors
  • Use in training programs


Administration departments

  • Managers and employees working on projects with administrative responsibilities in direct contact with the insurance business or with management responsibilities in administrative organisations with a market economic structure in the insurance sector


Options for use

The various game levels of INSURMAN allow for active communication of management knowledge, even of its complicated aspects. With INSURMAN, training can be given particularly well on special topics such as premium policy, cost accounting, the processing of new customer segments and the opening up of new sales markets. At the same time, the interpersonal and communication skills of the game players can be improved in group and team work.



Company managers

  • Financial statement with profit and loss account, balance sheet and key data, together with detailed in-formation from the following departments: financial, human resources, assets, insurance matters and sales


Course facilitators:

  • Detailed course facilitation report with all company information
  • Decision record
  • Overview of effect indices for rapid analysis
  • Large number of graphs to provide an overview of several years


Course developement

Phase 1: Introduction, organisation and familiarisation
Phase 2: 4-5 management game rounds with assessments by course facilitators
Phase 3: General meeting of the companies, evaluation and conclusion


  • 1 to 4 days
  • As a rule, 4-5 management game rounds are played
  • The time required can be adjusted by including/removing certain focal topics or by a mix of prescence and distance Seminar.


Teaching materials

Company managers:

  • Compact and easy to comprehend teaching materials


Course facilitators:

  • Compact course facilitation materials
  • Helpful downloads available in the login section



German, English, French


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