Business simulation method

Knowledge alone is not enough


The focal point of our training methods is making connections. Systematic thinking is encouraged by experiencing the consequences of decisions. After every business simulation round, we assess the results together with the players. This enables them to reflect on the decisions made and to check these against the chosen strategy. This uncovers the economic aspects in a realistic and lively fashion.


By experiencing the decisions and their consequences, the simulation players come to understand the economic aspects. The simulation-playing approach is targeted to arouse emotions. Combined with knowledge, this creates a longterm learning effect. And this in turn is more motivating and promotes activity-based ways of thinking.


Comprehensive understanding enables the simulation players to make better decisions. Players reflect on their own actions after each round of the business simulation. Valuable experiences mean that the players gain skills in decision-making and taking action after only a short time.

Benefits of using business simulations

What can we offer you?

  • Gaining fundamental insights into selected areas of the economic process
  • Understanding contexts not just theoretically but comprehensively and applying them in actual decision-making situations
  • Developing and promoting a clear, simple, longlasting and initially playful understanding of the economy at all levels
  • Creating understanding for other management areas
  • Developing and increasing awareness of costs
  • Increasing understanding of financial control processes
  • Improving understanding of the customer
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Increasing motivation through pleasure and commitment


Various studies have confirmed the learning success achieved by using business simulations. See for yourself. We are happy to help you.

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