Business simulation WIWAG - Economic aspects based on the example of company management

In the business simulation WIWAG®, management teams take over a medium-sized production company. They are in a tough competition in the market for an technical consumer product with a selling price of approximately CHF 100. All aspects of business management and corporate governance are mapped systemically.

Interconnections in fundamental business management knowledge are made while playing the WIWAG® business simulation and experienced with a longterm effect. Because of the lower level challenge, WIWAG® is also suitable for beginners in business studies, but can also be used above this level. The complexity can be adapted to target group. Priorities can be experienced within the business simulation scenarios and action-oriented systemic through specific wells.

Since June 2021, WIWAG® has been available as a web-based business game.
In addition to the technical further development, we have also
we have also made adjustments to the content with regard to ecological and
sustainability. However, the underlying, tried and tested WIWAG model
continues to form the basis.
The web-based implementation enables the participants to play a more active role and relieves the participants and reduces the workload of the game leaders. WIWAG 7 can be played completely be played paperless. In addition, the simulation game can be accessed with all common web browsers and regardless of the operating system.

Your benefit

WIWAG® enables the participants to:

  • discover basic aspects of company management in a technical environment with the help of a holistic model.
  • take actual decisions from various management areas of a company.
  • gain fundamental insights into the comprehensive economic process.
  • work together in groups or as a team in a targeted manner.

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The WIWAG® market consists of three to five production companies that manufacture a technical consumer product and sell it inland and abroad through various distribution channels:

Target groups


  • All employees with fundamental business knowledge
  • Managers from the lower, middle and upper management levels
  • Apprentice training


Public Administration

  • Managers and employees working on projects with administrative responsibilities in direct contact with the economy or with management responsibilities


Universities of applied sciences

  • To promote understanding of comprehensive entrepreneurial aspects in universities of applied sciences with a technical orientation. As a concept to be applied to understand business interconnections in Universities of Applied Sciences
    with an economic orientation.


Options for use

The design allows the use at several different levels of requirement. A certain amount of fundamental business knowledge can be communicated. However, the main objective is to develop and promote understanding of economic aspects based on the example of company management. At the same time, WIWAG is also suitable for improving the interpersonal and communication skills of the game players in group and team work.



Company managers:

  • Report with economic data from the 4 business environments
  • Financial statement with profit and loss account, balance sheet and key data, together with detailed information from the following departments: financial, human resources, assets, materials and energy, information, production, warehouse, sales


Course facilitators:

  • Detailed course facilitation report with all company information
  • Decision record
  • Overview of effect indices for rapid analysis


Course development

Phase 1: Introduction, organisation and familiarisation
Phase 2: 4-5 management game rounds with assessments by course facilitators
Phase 3: General meeting of the companies, evaluation and conclusion


  • 1 to 4 days
  • As a rule, 4-5 management game rounds are played.
  • The time required can be adjusted by including/removing certain focal topics.


Teaching materials

Company managers:

  • Compact and straightforward teaching materials
  • If required: materials are ideally supplemented by the book by Dr. Michael Käppeli "Betriebswirtschaft und Unternehmensführung – eine Einführung in unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln" (Business Economics and Company Management - an Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thought and Action)


Course facilitators:

  • Extensive course facilitation materials
  • Collection of structured group work tasks in various topic areas
  • Helpful downloads available in the login section



German, French, Italian, English, Slovakian


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