10 reasons why

We are your partner for education, training and staff development. Discover why.

1. Doing is not enough.

We start where others stop. Because imparting knowledge is not enough. Our teaching concept let your employees act. They develop a strategy, implement them with their own decisions and take responsibility. The high self-activity and the combination of head, hand and emotions creates ability.


2. Taking an integral perspective.

A Company is a complex system. To handle with it is a core competency of strong employees. We support the view of the essentials: Understanding of key interdependencies. Through the manifestation of the consequences of their own decisions your employees win valuable information about company relations and financial impact. What are the consequences of price cuts? Why the plan quantities have not been sold? How do we treat with changing conditions? Such questions will be discussed and answered action oriented.


3. Understand others.

A company does not only consits of their own area. With us the distribution activist going to be CFO - and Production Manager to HR manager or the clerk to the CEO. Through the exchange of roles, the perspectives and interests of the other person help to better understood and eliminated experience deficits. This promotes constructive solution finding at goal conflicts in important Interfaces.


4. Achieve goals.

Your goals are our starting position. Based on your focus, we create a precise implementation proposal. From the one-day dynamic case study to the multi-day basic training in business administration and business management. Our approach is broadly applicable and the conversion is always tailor-made. Ask our customers.


5. Live sustainability.

We believe in a living sustainability. Concrete action is needed - and not fine words. In our business simulations, the implementation of sustainability with concrete decsions take a central role. The stress field of the "triple bottom line" is our playing field for handling with trade-offs between economic, social and the ecology.


6. We are experts.

Since over 40 years we have developed computer-based simulations and implement them successfully in the education and training and HR development. From development through the course management to customer service: We are the competence center for economic business simulations. As a partner of Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, we know the value of understanding economic contexts for education and society.


7. Emotion as impulsion.

Develop the own strategy, create the corporate identity, slip into a role and compete in playful competition: emotions arise. Enjoyment of activity and emotions create sustained learning effects. Boredom - dead loss. You will confirm this too.


8. Development: Made in Switzerland.

In recent years, our developers have integrated dozens of ideas and feedback in our computer-based Management simulations. You - and we benefit from innovations. We're reachable and your Feedback will be implement.


9. Networking.

Our approach promotes the networked Competence Development: Knowing Yourself learn, talk, ask, understand relationships, argue, propose your own ideas, evaluate, make decisions prevail, find compromises. Reflect, discuss, learn and revise from others. The common challenge connects people and knowledge in their Operation.


10. High performance. Fair prices

Due to our experience and motivation, we provide high performance at reasonable prices. We would be happy if many people participate. You are happy when you have the costs under control. Ask for our conditions.