Running your own seminars

Would you like to run your own internal seminars independently? With the Train the Trainer qualification, we give you the skills for successful implementation.

The quality of the seminar using our business simulations is of great importance to us. With our Train the Trainer course, you will become a certified course facilitator. Your knowledge as a course facilitator and the handling of the simulation will make your seminars a success.

This is what you will learn:

  • Handling of the software
  • Seminar designs
  • Getting to know the context and consequences of decisions
  • Methods for transferring knowledge


Choose from among the following offers:

Intensive course

In a customised Train the Trainer course, we prepare you to act as an independent course facilitator in your company. At your request, the course can take place in-house.

Live Seminar

Watch our experienced course facilitators at work. You will learn the basics of how to hold a seminar from a live example in your company. We run the seminar and at the same time we train you to become a course facilitator. This live seminar lets you experience the seminar routine at close quarters, thus allowing you to gather the maximum in course facilitator experience.