INSURMAN at the University of St. Gallen

Creating understanding of the functioning of and the challenges facing an insurance company

The Institute of Insurance (Institut für Versicherungswirtschaft) of the University of St. Gallen (HSG) uses INSURMAN as part of the "St. Gallen Assurance Forum". This is aimed at junior management among back office and field staff (e. g. team and group leaders, junior general agents) and professional specialists who want an in-depth look at the challenges facing individual insurance markets as well as the way in which an insurance company functions.


Forming part of an internationally composed learning group, the game players are put in a position to gain an improved understanding of the characteristics, driving forces and consequences of the current shifts in the market. The objective is to gain a holistic understanding of the functioning and the management challenges of an insurance company. The learning acquired is applied with the help of INSURMAN.

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